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Distilling Calculator

Sugar Wash Calculator

sugar made up to total volume
should have an SG and only require of water
and should produce a wash of % alcohol

Alcohol Content of the Wash

If the SG started at and finished at
Your wash is % alcohol

Distillate To Water Calculator

of wash at % alcohol
through a still that collects its distillate at %
should result in alcohol collected
should result in water left in the boiler when finished

Dilution Calculator

Dilute of % alcohol Down to %
By adding Water

Temperature Converter

Enter the degree
Equal Value

Heating Time To Temp

(Water boils at: 100°C/212°F)
Start Temp:
End Temp:
Efficiency: %
Time to Temp: minutes

Vapor Speed Calculator

Column Diameter (Inches)
Power Input (Watts)
Vapor Speed (Inches)

This calculator is helpful in accurately determining how much water is required to dilute a given volume of alcoholic spirits at a known strength down to a desired strength. Any standard values can be used for the calculations just as long as they are consistent. For example, quarts, liters, ounces, or milliliters, as well as %ABV or proof can be used. The calculators default values are in milliliters and proof. Also note that the calculator labeling was worded so as to be a reminder that alcohol should be added to water, not water added to alcohol, to help reduce the possibility of clouding the resulting mixture.

Dilution Water Calculator