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      hello im new to the forum and to moonshine making i have a couple questions. I have a 1 gallon clawhammer still ive ran it twice with the first time a total fail so on this time around i took my time and did alot more reading before starting so my questions are

      Iam only getting about 3/4 of a cup of 90-95 proof per run of the 1 gallon is this right for a starting alcohol of 7% after the 3/4 cup it drops to 60-70 proof??

      This is a corn wash
      5 gallons water
      8.5 pounds of crushed corn
      1.5 pounds of crushed malted barley

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      Do you know what your starting and ending gravity was for the mash?

      Are you packing your column?

      I would suggest packing your column with copper scrubbers and boosting the starting gravity of the mash- I’d shoot for 1.075 or so.

      Post your starting and ending gravity f you have them.

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      Starting gravity was 1.060
      End gravity was slightly under 1.010

      Column is not packed what does that do for the final proof ?

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      your starting ABV was around 6.56%

      I’d get your starting gravity up to around 8-9% and also pack the column with 100% copper scrubbers (make sure they are just not copper plated)

      packing the column adds a bit of reflux- it cleans up the product and also will slightly increase the proof of the product.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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