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      could someone tell me how to make a 2nd run?
      do you take the alcohol you collected from your first run and add it back to the tails and rerun it?
      just starting really need some help

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      You can do this several ways:
      I prefer to do a few stripping runs (run the still hot and fast, don’t make cuts and collect everything down to 10-20%)
      Save enough stripping runs to fill your still (I usually do 4 stripping runs to fill my 10 gallon still)
      Once you have enough low wines (everything collected from the stripping runs) add them to the still and do a spirit run.

      You can also just add your heads,tails to the next batch and re-run them that way. You will get a better product by doing stripping runs then a spirit run.

      Hope that helps,

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      could you tell me how much wash i would need to do this for my 15 gallon still?
      when i do a stripping run how hot do i let the still get? thanks

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      Just do stripping runs until you have 15 gallons of low wines.

      I usually go by output as apposed to temp- I like to see a stream of spirit coming out of the still.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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