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      I am trying to determine what bailey to use in a new recipe. I need to get “crushed malted barley”. I have come across 2-row and 6-row. What is the difference? Is one better than another? I also can’t seem to find malted barley. Can one assume that all crushed barley is malted? You help is greatly appreciated.

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      The most noticeable visual difference between 2-row barley and 6-row barley is the number kernels on the head of the barley- 2 vs 6

      Most brewers feel 2-row malt produces a fuller, maltier flavor.
      Most brewers feel 6-row malt produces a grainier flavor in the finished produc- 6-row barley is only grown in North America.

      Either 2 row or 6 row will work fine.

      Any home-brew shop will have malted is an example:,12362.html

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      Thank you for your extremely quick response. I am still not to clear on the second part of my question. is one to assume that crushed barley is a malted barley. I thought a malted barley was a grain that has been sprouted and stopped, then crushed. How Can I be sure it has been sprouted. And now I will ask, is this really important that it has been sprouted?

      Again thank you

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      Q) is one to assume that crushed barley is a malted barley?
      A) If you are buying crushed barley from a homebrew shop it will be malted barley.

      Q)is this really important that it has been sprouted?
      A) Yes- If you want to pull sugars from the malted barley it must be malted.

      Just buy 2 row from any homebrew shop and it will be malted barley.

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