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Beginner needs info on making rum.


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      I am brand new to distilling spirits and I have so little knowledge on the subject that I don’t know where to begin researching. I have a home in Caribbean Central America and I am interested in making my own rum on a medium scale of production. I have a few questions:

      Are there various techniques for distilling rum?
      If so, which is best and why?
      What are the necessary materials?
      What is the process?
      Is there anything else I should know before I begin?

      I’d greatly appreciate any answers, advice, or links to relevant resources. Thank you for your time.

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      Hi, I am new to distilling and would like some help.

      I have made 15 liters of rum which is ready for distilling however,I only have a still made which takes 5 ltrs max. My question is,can you advise me as to, How much of the initial product to discard: each time.Also, is there any easy way to tell when the heart and tail starts and ends.

      I really would appreciate your help


Viewing 1 reply thread

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