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      So, if I purchased a 10gal still and was to create an 8 gallon mash…..can you separate it into (2) 4 gallon fermenters then recombine them in a 10gal still after fermentation?

      Or does anyone have any suggestions on fermenting larger qualntities for Home?

      I would like to make fewer larger runs vs. multiple smaller runs in a small still.


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      I also run a 10 gallon copper still. I always make 10 gallons of finished wash for the still.

      I make an 11 gallon batch and split between to 6 gallon fermenters- I then pitch yeast to each fermenter.
      These are the fermeneters I use- I stopped using glass a while ago:

      This way after fermentation you will have 10 gallons ready for the still- you lose about 1/2 gallon to yeast/trub in each fermenter.

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