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      I have a 5 gal. Claw hammer still. Has anyone needed to modify the condensing arm? What kind of flow rate should I be at. I have a 650 gph pump running through 1/2 hose. Any help with running and set up of a claw hammer still is welcome.

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      I have the clawhammer 10 gallon still-
      The condenser arm works fine for me- I’ve never had any issues with vapor not condensing back into a liquid. I don’t use a pump- I just hook a hose from my faucet to my condenser (the lower tee is in, upper is out) and a put it on a slow trickle– you don’t need much flow at all. You might want to put valve after the pump so you can adjust the flow- You don’t need much flow at all.

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      Thank you. is it posable to run to much water though the arm? Just did a little math and it looks like I am running around 10 gal a min.

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      I have a 1gal clawhammer still. I was concerned about wasted water so I run an aquarium pump for a closed loop into a 5 gal bucket. I realize your still will need a bigger reservoir. I live in town and don’t need the questions about a constantly wet yard or big water bill.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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