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Cuts by temp, taste, proof?


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      First two batches are under the belt and I am super happy to say it appeared to be good runs. But, did I make my cuts right?

      I know there are many factors in making cuts and abv, volume and SG all come in to play.

      Does this sound about right to anyone or are my cuts off.

      4 gallon wash..I ended up with 1600ml of heads and only 1200ml of hearts. I feel like it should have been the other way around. I am making my cuts by the head temp on my column.

      Foreshots- end at 175 degrees
      Heads- end at 196 degrees
      Hearts- end at 203 degrees
      Tails- at 207ish degrees

      I have a parrot but waiting on my proofing hydrometer. Once I get that anyone got info on making cuts by proof and using a parrot?


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      I always make my cuts based on taste and feel. If I have a recipe that I’ve ran a lot and have good notes on I’ll reference the notes but my cuts are always basted on taste and feel.

      Once you do the same run over and over you can use the notes from previous runs to help dial the batch in…I always take notes on the column temp, proof, feel, taste on each of my cuts. Temp and proof are not going to tell you much without first making cuts based on taste and feel. If the still is running hotter the proof and the cuts are not going to be the same as they would be if the still was running a bit cooler.

      I run my rye whiskey a lot- My cuts are usually pretty spot on with my notes- but I don’t rely on temp or proof (they are good references though)

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