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      I just finished a 5 gal run to test out the new 10 . I have been used to a basic pot(15 gal). Have never had a tower, the 10 reflux I built is VERY FINE. Just a couple questions. I started with medium to high temp with the same unit you use. took about 2 hours to which iI thought was fine. Temp running 196, took almost an hour per Qt. The runs were quite consistent of an hour each. proof came out at 138,140,130,120 for 130 . I quit on the last as temp was 209, but it also took1 1/2 hours. I cut to 100 for 5qt plus 3/4 pint. Being this is a reflux is an hour per qt. normal? My recipe was an old one I used in the past: 5 gal hot water; 15 lb white sugar; 4 lbs. white corn meal; 1pack of 24 turbo. It worked good for 5 days, let sit for 3days then started. I have always started with med to high heat, then back to med . The end result at 100 was better than I have done before

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      I’m not sure what still or heat source you are using- but when I run a 5 gallon run (using 1500 watts and a clawhammer still) and I do a spirit run (not a stripping run) it normally takes me between 5-8 hours with the column packed with copper scrubbers.
      I run my still pretty slow during a spirit run- 5-9 drips a second (I like to see each drip-I keep it right below a stream)

      Did you make any cuts on the run? or mix it all together? (did you separate the heads,hearts,tails)

      I also run my still until the tails are down to about 10% abv ( I run it lower than most people it seems)
      I save all of my tails and add them to my next run

      Did you take a starting gravity or final gravity reading of the mash?

      It sounds like you are on your way and those results sound pretty good.

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