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      i have not been able to find dried corn in our area (middle east), but fresh corn is available. can I use fresh corn? does anyone have a recipe for this? -thanks

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      Fresh corn can work really well. You will need quite a bit of it.

      10 pounds sweet corn: I would cut the corn off of the cob and add it to a large mesh bag. Mash the corn with a potato masher inside a large kettle.
      Add water to reach 5 gallons of total liquid
      Heat liquid to 155 degrees
      Add 2 pounds of malted barley (malted and ground in a mesh bag)
      the temperature should drop to around 149- let it rest here for an hour
      Take a hydrometer reading
      Add sugar if needed to reach 1.065 starting gravity
      Remove the mesh bags and strain the liquid
      cool the mash to 165 ish
      add yeast


Viewing 1 reply thread

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