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      First run ever and I was unable to keep temp. I shut it down. Did I destroy my mash or can I try to distill again?

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      I’m having the same problem. My heat shut off during the first run and was cloudy and low proof when I restarted the run. I’m keeping the heat at 190 degrees and the heat isn’t reaching the worm.

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      You most likely need to add more heat– if it is not running at 190 keep adding heat until it starts producing. Just crank the heat until it starts running and then dial back the heat until you have the drip-rate you are looking for.

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      Also keep in mind depending on the size of mash it will not be a quick process. You will not distill 6 gallons in a couple hours. That being said let the heat go….it will take a while to heat up larger mashes.

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      I am only on my 4th run but found out quick that for my set up (16qt SS Maid of Honor Pressure Cooker, 10′ of 3/8 coil and 5 gallon bucket, heat source is Turkey Fryer 55,ooo BTU) I needed to treat the unit like a space craft. One huge push for lift off. Like cranking it wide open until it got to about 150-160, then cutting it WAY back to let the heat stabilize. Bumping the heat for 10-15 seconds at a time, letting it rest and repeating until I have it about 190 or so. My still produces its first drops at 195F. I try to maintain the lowest heat possible to keep the mash at the best boiling temperature the longest possible. Just think of the little boosts of heat as you using the thrusters on the spacecraft or boat (if you’ve ever boated much). it works great for me and I’m able to maintain the temperature at +/-200-205F for hours and hours this way. Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 reply threads

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