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      I really need to know how much yeast I need for 5 gallons of corn mash. 2 pounds 2 packets. 5tbs what is it please help

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      What kind of yeast are you using?

      If using bread yeast I use two packets of dry yeast.
      If using brewing yeast I follow the directions on the packet (usually 1-2 packets depending on the gravity of the wash)

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      Thank you very much beverage… I baught a 5 pound bag of yeast and my first batch I put way to much.. I also read something about making a starter kit and getting the yeast ready.. I very new at this so it is a basic recipe r I am fallowibg.
      Crushed corn some sugar and water..
      I baught my grandfather’s houses and barn and in the hay I found and old still that I haven’t seen since I was a kid. I fixed it up and it ready to run but I can’t get the mash or anything right..
      if you wouldn’t mind or anyone can you give me pointers or even a blue moon recipe from start to finish. I read many books but everyone does it differently. What works for you
      and thank you very much

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      If you are using dry yeast you don’t need a starter- starters are used in brewing/mashing when a liquid yeast is used. Dry yeast does not require a starter.

      I’d start with a simple sugar shine recipe:

      Then I would checkout this corn recipe: Kyle does a step by step:

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      Richard thank you very much means alot for your help.

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      1/4 ounce per gal. 1 pack of bread yeast is fine per 5 gallon. 2 packs for 5 gallon is over kill using more than needed wont speed it up which is hard for new brewers to understand. if you want to speed it up ad fermax you can get 1 pound for about $12 ebay.

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      Hi guys I’m new to the home distilling. I’m trying to make rum mash I added 1gal of molasses and 7lb of sugar for a 5gal fermenter. How much bread yeast to this mix and am l close to the mash mix??

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      I want to make some honey shine I got the honey which is best yeast to use please ???

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        I personally really enjoy the results with bread yeast (make sure you add some yeast nutrient as well – just follow the directions on the label for the yeast nutrient)
        I also have used wine yeast (Lalvin 71B-1122) with good results

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