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      The wash I am using is 5 gallons water, 19.5 cups sugar, 9.75 cups corn meal and 7.25 teaspoons yeast. I let that ferment for about 2 weeks. After I distill in my copper 5 gallon still I get about 120 proof for my heart. How can I get a higher proof?

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      What kind of copper still are you using? That sounds about right for a pot still or a pot still with a column.

      in order to increase the proof you can always do a few stripping runs-(a hot fast run in which you save everything- hot and quick which is a quick way to separter the alcohol from the water) Once you have 5 gallons of the low wines (everything collected from the stripping run) do a spirit run with the low wines. That will clean up the product and give you a much higher proof.

      I am the guy who enjoys hearts between 110-120 and then I usually proofs them down to 90-100.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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