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      We currently have a 5 gallon kit and have made a few batches with great results. Our next venture is to make something similar to 151.
      Our goal is to get 1.2 gallons to make limoncello, but the alcohol content needs to be about 75%.

      Which mash do you recommend and how can we try to get that content?

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      A sugar wash will always get you a high ABV but may also give you off flavors. You could run the sugar wash through your still a few times and make good cuts and even run it through activated charcoal to make a cleaner neutral spirit. After all that, add your peels and syrup according to the limoncello recipe.

      Note to self: Sounds delicious, add to list

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      Thanks, Wharf. Here is the recipe that we are using.

      You think sugar shine would be best?(Sugar, water, raisons and yeast_ Why not a sour mash? (Corn, sugar, water and yeast)

      What do you mean by running it through twice and how would you run it through the charcoal.

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      I am assuming Wharf recommended a sugar mash because it will have a very neutral taste- which is what you want. You don’t want to make a mash that is going to have a lot of flavor as it won’t play nice with the limoncello. Save the sourmash for good sippin whiskey- it takes a lot of time and effort to make a good sour mash- it would be a shame to mask it with limoncello.

      You want to make a high proof flavorless spirit – Depending on your still you might have to do a few runs. I personally would ferment 15 gallons of sugar mash- do 3 stripping runs and then do spirit runs.

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      Zymurgy Bob

      I’d second Richard Jr’s post and add a caveat. Where many people go wrong with sugar washes is three-fold. First, trying for too high an ABV in your initial sugar wash can introduce some bad flavors from tortured yeast. Most stillers I know don’t try for higher than 10% ABV. Second, because sugar has no real nutrients for the yeast, nutrition is very important to avoid stuck ferments and bad tastes. Third, and this may offend some, using turbos often can produce nasty flavors. A champagne yeast, like Lalvin EC-1118, makes sugar washes a slam-dunk, although other yeasts will also work.

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      Excellent! Thank you much, guys.
      Going to start the mash tomorrow night.
      When you say to make a spirit run, you’re saying to run the final product from the mash after all the runs have been made?

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      When you say to make a spirit run, you’re saying to run the final product from the mash after all the runs have been made?

      Correct- a spirit run will the slow run where good cuts are made

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