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      is it possible to replace yeast with malt corn? if so how much would a 4 or 5 gallon mix require?

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      I don’t do any wild or spontaneous fermentation- I always use a a known yeast strain.

      Some corn may have yeast on it some not- but you won’t know what kind of yeast you are getting– you can easily pickup a bad yeast or mold. In my opinion malted corn is not a replacement for yeast.

      There are proponents of using wild yeast- I am not. I don’t want to gamble all of my hard work to luck when I can easily buy a good known yeast. With a known yeast I know how the yeast will perform — and I will have a consistency across all of my mashes which can easily be repeated.

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        Thank just getting into this and only done one run so far..just curious about the corn malt was just thinking of trying it the old fashion way is all…again thank you

Viewing 1 reply thread

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