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      Still em All!

      Hey whats up everybody, I am having a disagreement with someone, and would like to get some more facts.

      is it possible for someone to build a simple pot still That will (and i quote) produce higher quality ethanol faster than any other still out there.

      Now im relatively young in spirit distillation but i have been distilling essential oils for many years. “speed” is irrelevant is it not?
      the rate at which the distillation proceeds is directly related to the heating element used; in terms of amount of heat energy (whether fire,gas,electric) the type of mash or wash, and abv of said mixture? i know there are many microfactors and variables to be considered as well, but in the presence of a statement such as my still will produce higher quality ethanol than yours faster than yours extra input would be helpful.


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      I find I get better product running my still on the slower side- I agree that the speed i mostly related to the heat especially in a simple pot still.

      A pot still is a pretty simple device- I’ve used quite a few and they all do a very similar job for me.

      Kinda a random thing to say if you ask me

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      Zymurgy Bob

      Not sure if this is what you are asking, but a potstill that is relatively easy to build is quite capable of matching or exceeding the quality of most of the best liquors (not just ethanol) out there. The best single malts and (to me) best bourbons out there are made on potstills. Admittedly, the techno-stills (column, continuous, valved plated, reflux) make the job easier, more efficient in terms of time, energy, and ease of use, and expertise, but they don’t make the spirit better.

      Of course, running a potstill takes some time, but it will never shortchange you with respect to liquor quality for fine spirits. On the other hand, if all you want is the ideal American vodka, simply ethanol and water, you really need a potstill.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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