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      Ok, so I’m just curious….but who actually has fuel alcohol permits or distillation permits for their still? I have received my 10 gal still and looking to see who out there is registering their still. Anyone on here from MD and registered?

      If you are, what did you do? How difficult was it? Any issues? Worth the time and effort? Ever get random visits after registration?

      Share with me your registration story.

      If you feel better talking offline let me know and we will make that happen.

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      I have a fuel alcohol permit but I’m not located in MD.
      It was a simple process- I used the online form and submitted it through their online system. There was an issue with my original application and someone ( actually it was a super helpful and nice lady) from the TTB called me and helped me re-submit that portion of the form.

      I feel it is worth the time and effort to be in compliance with the law. It is free and it took about 3 months for approval. I follow their rules to a T and file all of my reports at the end of the year.

      No random visits- and I doubt that will ever happen. The TTB is so slammed with new legal distilleries and breweries and they are completely understaffed- I doubt they are going to waste their resources looking at your 10 gallon still.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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