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      Rise N Shine

      I have done a ton of reading on claw hammer’s website, and read multiple books and online books the past few months, and I guess I’m just looking for someone to give me a short run down of distilling proofs to keep and throw out. I know you discard the foreshots, Right now it’s just a 1 gallon still that I’m running 5 gallons of wash through (I know its tedious, 5 runs over again each time but money is short lol). So, in essence, Throw the foreshorts out about 2/3 a shot glass for the 1 gallon, keep the heads (what proof?) and set aside for later for future run..? Keep hearts, best kind (proof?) and tails, don’t drink because its not safe either? May sound over paranoid, but i’d rather be safe than sorry. So, any help would be appreciated on what to keep, throw out, and save for future runs, what do I mix for an all spirits run all together would be greatly appreciated. Just really trying to keep this as completely safe as possible to make me feel comfortable once I get it all going and decide to share with my close immediate family.
      -what to throw out
      -what to keep and mix all together for a complete spirits run
      -proof of hearts to drink right away
      -are tails safe to drink if mixed with hearts or something of the sort?
      Thank you!

Viewing 0 reply threads

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