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      Ive never have run a spirit run I’ve always just ran once low and slow with packing and a thumper. I’m fixin to take out packing take off thumper and try a stripping run. I’ve read a lot and learned a lot just by doing and poured a lot on the ground. I want flavor but I’m also trying to get away from just pure rock gut. But what I’ve read is not to put over 50 percent abv in your still so on stripping run if my whole distilled product is say 120 proof then I bring it down to 100 proof the run a sprit run. What if I wanted to run it a third time do I still cut it down to 100 proof yet again and run it low and slow?im not looking for high proof I’m wanting a good whiskey. And I don’t want vodka. Clawhammer 10gal. Ingredients:
      23 lbs coarsely ground corn
      5 lbs coarsely ground rye
      5 lbs malted barley
      10 gallons water

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      You will need to use a mash-tun with this recipe- or use the brew in a bag method which works well.

      When I do a stripping run on my still- I collect everything down to 10% and my average is around 30 proof for the stripping run.

      What proof do you run your still down to when doing a stripping run? 120 seems extremely high for a stripping run. What kind of still are you using? You want to strip without any packing and without a thumper and run the tails down to about 10-20%

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      Zymurgy Bob

      For most of my stilling life, I’d use the classic strip-for-low-wines, collect a few batches of those low wines, and then combine them all for a spirit run. As you’d expect, the spirit run distillate was very clean and smooth, but light on flavor. For the past couple-three years, my spirit runs have been a mixture of low wines and fresh wash/mash, for a total of perhaps 27-30%ABV in the still. Flavor has improved greatly, and my liquor is still very smooth.

      I’d agree with Beverage Commander about how much distillate you’re collecting, which is a direct function of when you consciously decide to stop collecting. He says distill to 10-20% and I distill to a head temperature of 98-99C, which means we’re both doing almost exactly the same thing.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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