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      Mariposa moonshine

      Hello. I built a 1 gallon stove top still to familiarize myself with things. For my first batch I ran a gallon of box sangria. I threw out the first shot glass full and got a mason jar full of crystal clear shine. I lite a bit on fire and got a blue flame. But its so strong it taste like fruity gas. Lol. What can I mix it with to taste better?

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      Good stuff on dumping the foreshots

      It sounds like you collected everything in the one jar.
      You will get a much better tasting final product if you make good cuts-

      I would recommend on the next run- using very small collection jars (because you are using such a small still)
      label each jar (start with 1 and go up)
      You will be able to notice the different parts of the run this way- it is a good way to start to learn about cuts
      Give each jar a taste at the end of the run- you will be able to tell the heads,hearts,tails – we are after the hearts- that is the good stuff.
      Once you have a few runs down you will be able to make the cuts while running-

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        Mariposa moonshine

        I’ll try that. Thanks! So is this stuff no good because its all in one jar?

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      Zymurgy Bob

      Here’s a couple of links to guides to “Make the Cuts”, the process where you select what part of that distillate to save for drinking.
      Kiwi’s got some good graphics in that second link.

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        Mariposa moonshine

        I got a tip from someone that helped with the taste a lot. They told me to leave the jar open a few days and the acetone would evaporate. I don’t know how true that I’d but I can drink it with out it burning my lips off now

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