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      Rise N Shine

      hello everyone

      I was wondering if I could just get some help/clarification on what some stuff is. For just a simple corn/sugar/malted barley/yeast mash, what would be the best corn to use? I’ve heard some many things like just use the 6 dollar bag of 40lb deer feed you can get at Walmart, as well as the 100 dollar bag of cracked corn for horses at tractor supply. I didn’t have any luck finding “crushed” corn (or flaked maize); is this the same thing as cracked corn?
      also, what’s a good malted barley for this recipe as well?

      I know some of these questions are pretty stupid but I just want to make sure I’m not following some cheap-nasty way of doing things.

      Thank you!

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      This site has a good selection of supplies.


Viewing 1 reply thread

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