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      I tried making watermelon mash following Kyles’ recipe. After two days of good bubbling the mash turned milky pink. The rasins are floating on top with a little bit of a red raft. It is still bubbling slowly. Is there something wrong? Will it clear?

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      It will clear with time-
      let it ferment out- it will take a few days to weeks to totally clear.
      To really help with the clearing once it is done fermenting cold crash the fermenter.

      What I suggest is letting it ferment out totally- should take a few days.
      once it is done fermenting cold crash if you can
      After it cold crashes use an auto-siphon to transfer to the still if you are going to run it- or transfer to another carboy if you are going to let it sit longer-

      this is how much yeast is usually left behind- trub mash

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      Thank you I was getting nervous. Cold crash with an ice bath around the carboy?

Viewing 2 reply threads

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