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whats a good recipie for long term aging?


Home Forum… General Distilling Discussion whats a good recipie for long term aging?

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      hello new friends, first time using the site. I’ve just started making shine, I’ve made sugar cornmeal shine and sugar molasses shine all at 90% alc content. I have a few gallons of the stuff now and I think it’s time to start making some mixes (I’ve been drinking it strait (I’m sure that’s terrible on the esofugis). anyway I want to mix all this shine up and put it away for about 10 years or more does anyone have experience with long term aging like this? I’d like to find out recipes that will taste great when the time comes to reopen these bottles. Additionally I plan on doing one cherry soak jar and one strawberry soaked jar and one blackberry soak jar where I fill the jar full of washed whole fruits then top off with the 90% shine, should I add sugar to fruit mix? should I add anything else? any advise is appreciated. also to age these I plan on burying the jars in a 5gal bucket with the lid on about a foot and a half under the serfsce in the shade I think that will keep the tempature fairly consistent if I’m wrong let me know. as its blackberry season is coming soon us here in Arkansas I plan on doing a lot of picking next week so I’ll have more blackberrys than I know what to do with, but I’ll try a fruit mash if I have too many left over anyone know if blackberrys will soak in a jar like cherrys do? It seems like they may all fall apart into a sludge by the time I open the jars back up in 10-20 years

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