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      I’m dis tilling the honey ‘shine from clawhammer recipe. When should I quit ? It still has a great honey smell and is a steady drip at 210 degF. Filling a third pint. Was going to call the last two the tails but it seems to be running well. The cuts beyond the foreshot are difficult to tell.

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      I like to run my tails until they are at the same alcohol percentage of the wash I started with.

      The honey wash I make is normally around 10% so I run my tails down to 10% or 20 proof. I save my tails and will add them back into my next honey wash.

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      is it possible to go over 212? seeing as that is when water boils?

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      The boiling point of water will be over 212 if you are below sea level. I’d make sure you calibrate your thermometer as well.

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      I tasted it after posting and shut it down. Nothing was left. Saved the tails for the next run (Thanks Beverage commander). It didn’t get boiling. I didn’t think that was the point. Still learning. Thanks for the input. By now I have run the tails of this batch thru and the second was as good as the first. The Honey is a really good starting place.

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      Hey Richard, just out of curiosity, does your dad live in Rozel Ks? I worked at Burdett Ks for 30 years, and a Richard Coleman lived in Roselle..did some business there at the Burdett.

Viewing 5 reply threads

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