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      How much yeast do you need to be adding to your mash? Is there a basic formula for how gallons of water corn ect to determine how much yeast to add with it. Just wondering. I have been adding 2-3 packs of turbo yeast to my 20 gal of thin mash. I think they are 4.75 oz packs

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      Most packets SHOULD (but for some reason many don’t) have directions on them- stating how large of a batch the yeast is good for.
      I always add 4 grams of dried yeast per gallon of mash. If you are doing 20 gallons I would add 80 grams or 2.82 ounces of dried yeast.

      I am sure you already know- I’m not a huge fan or turbo yeast unless it is being used on a 100% sugar mash. I feel it leaves some not so desirable flavors behind. If you have not tried other yeats I’d give them a try. Brewers yeast, distillers yeast, ale yeast, bread yeast, etc.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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