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      Hi I’m begining whit distilling and I want to make confirm my recipe:
      10 pounds of cracked corn
      5 galons of water
      10 pounds of sugar
      1 pound of yeast

      Is that ok?

      Thank you!

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      That should work fine-

      I would use closer to 5.5 gallon of water – that when you strain everything off after fermentation you will end up with closer to 5 gallons in the still.

      you should yield about 11% abv if you ferment down around 1.000

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      Is 11% good or I can go higher than that? if yes , what can I change ?

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        I personally don’t push my mash past 10%- If you want it higher than 11% just add sugar

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      Finally i put 4 gal of water instead of 5 because of the contenance of my fermentation jar. That’s probably gonna be increase the abv% at the same time ?

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        If you are using less water and the same amount of sugar you will have the potential for a higher ABV at the end of fermentation. As long as the yeast can handle all of the sugar and ferment it all you will have a higher final ABV.

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      God damn i think i put too much yeast, 1 hour after i mixed all up, it had all blew up, the rubber cap and the air lock have bumped up and there was cracked corn and water on the ground and walls… i’ll ad corn and let it rest with no air lock for 12 hours. Hope it will not blow up again :/ next time i’ll put only 1/2 pound of yeast…

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        What kind of yeast are you using?
        If I use bread yeast I use two packets
        If I am using distillers yeast – I use 1 tablespoon of yeast per 5 gallons of mash.

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      How much yeast do I need for 5 gallons.. I saw you said two packets. So all I need is two packets of yeast for 5 gallons or corn mash ??

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      That will work great.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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