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      Has anyone had success using blue agave nectar? I am looking for a good recipe for tequila shine.

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      I have been thinking about doing a batch- I have not made this yet… but this would be interesting to make. I am not sure how much like tequila it would taste– but I bet you will get a very good tequila/mexican style spirit.

      If I were to make it I would do the following:

      120 ounces of blue agave nectar
      4.0 gallons of water
      1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice
      2 packets of bread yeast

      Starting gravity should be somewhere around 1.070

      I’d ferment around 80 –

      This looks like a decent deal.

      I’d do a stripping run and a spirit run and then age it for a bit- I bet it will taste darn fine.

      If you do make something like this please report back- as I’ve been interested in this myself.

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      Thanks Emmet for the recipe. That one is close to the one I ran last weekend with the addition of the lemon juice. Do you add the lemon juice to the mash prior to fermentation or after?

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      I add it prior if I do use it- I just use it to adjust the PH of the mash- you should be fine without it.

      What brand agave nectar did you end up using?

      Please report back with your results- as this is on my list as well.

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      I used Wholesome Organic Blue Agave, 6 quarts to a 6 gallon wash. Starting running at 180 proof. Collected 5 quarts after cutting total to 100 proof.

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      What did you run your tails down to?

      Are you going to age it on oak?

      What do you think of the flavor?

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      I quit collecting at 40% and collected about a pint of tails. When it dropped to 40% ABV, the taste really changed, kinda like cardboard. What I collected was some pretty good spirits. my friends and I set around and have a proofing party. When I collect enough to fill the beaker for proofing, I cut that with distilled water, re-proof to 100 and let everyone have a taste before adding it to my keeper jar. I’m no expert but do enjoy learning as much as I can about distilling. I’ve been sprouting and cracking white corn to make a mash also and it makes some very good spirits after filtering through activated carbon.

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      Richard, I plan to age the next batch I run in a 5 gallon oak barrel for about a month. The taste was pretty good, and a spirit run would have made it even better I think.

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      Right on- keep us posted on your progress. Once I have some time this sounds like it would be fun to play with.

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        I thought I’d report the result of my recent attempt at agave mash. The best result so far has been 6 quarts of agave nectar to 5 gallons of distilled water. The stripping run produced almost 2 gallons of 80 proof. I am doing a second batch and will hopefully produce another 2 gallons of 80 proof so that we can run the 4 gallons of 40% ABV through on a spirit run. Will report back the results when that if finished. The final product will be aged for 1 month in oak.

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      Sounds great. Did you finish your spirit run?

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      Im trying to distill my own tequila at home. I know you need to have a oak barrel and have to distill for 2 weeks but I need a list of ingredients a a step by step on how to do it. Can any one help?

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