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      Bread Yeast is my favorite

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      I love it, too. Do you use in all recipes? I use it in any corn mash I do and have used it in a sugar, tomato paste wash as well with great success. If I do an all grain, bourbon mash though, I like to use a a good whiskey yeast.

      Have you ever used it in a brandy recipe?

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      I don’t use it in all of my recipes:

      I use it in my corn mash and my rum- It works extremely well in both of those mashes.
      The last brandy I made I used a wine yeast- turned out pretty good- maybe a bit dryer than I would have liked- I found yeast nutrient really helps when fermenting brandy.

      I have been on a single malt kick for a while now and I have been using both American and English ale yeast with great results.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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