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      Ok, I am 48 hours in to my first sugar wash and I am only producing micro bubbles. That I’ve noticed……

      So, think this is gonna be a failed wash because I didn’t measure the Ph before the yeast. However, I did after the yeast using Ph paper and it was indicating 6.0 on the Ph paper sale. And as far as I am aware…….6.0 is way to acidic.

      Thoughts? Micro bubbles good/ not good? Ph measure before or after yeast? Ph should be closer to 3.0-4.0?


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      What kind of mash did you make?
      Did you take a hydrometer reading before you pitched the yeast?

      I am thinking your mash is going to be fine- I did not start checking the PH of my mash until a few years into brewing and distilling.

      I always check the PH of the mash after I mix in my grains and get them stirred in. I’ll adjust the PH as needed at that point.
      I’ve been on a 80-20% malted barely to malted rye kick lately. I shoot for a PH between 5.2 and 5.5 on this recipe — I try and get closer to 5.2.

      Micro bubbles are most likely fine- that is showing signs of fermentation.

      I would just let it do its thing- if you have not taken a hydrometer reading- take one now and write down the gravity. Let it ferment and then take another reading in 7-10 days- at that point it should hopefully be close to 1.000. I would not stress too much about it.

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      I just started a mash on Friday night and it is now Sunday.  My mash is made of 1.25 pounds of cornmeal, 5 pounds of sugar, 5 gallons of water, and 2 teaspoons of yeast as said. My mash had started to bubble right away but by morning it stopped. I added some more yeast after letting it sit with water and sugar in a warm jar for 20 mins then added it to the mash. Today it is still not bubbling but the top layer of my mash is a white foam. What does that mean?

Viewing 2 reply threads

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