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      Doing my third mash and it looks oily has crack corn, sugar and yeast. it’s 20 gal mix.
      anyone have any answers to this, first time this every happen to me maybe to much corn, my 1st one came out 110 proof then I did a honey one that was 70 proof now this one might be a problem with the oily fell to it, I clean all my stuff with pbw

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      Zymurgy Bob

      If it actually has a layer of oil floating on top of the aqueous liquid, it’s almost certainly good ol’ corn oil, and completely harmless to fermentation or distillation (as far as I can tell). Evidently the % of oil in the corn varies a lot. Normally with our henscratch mashes I make for bourbon, we don’t see much oil, but the last batch had a lot of oil.

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      Thank You Bob,
      I appreciate the info


Viewing 2 reply threads

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