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      I’m trying to make a pear schnapps,
      I cut up at least 50 to 60 LB of pears they are in a 30 Gallon barrel.
      with water covering the top of the fruit,I added a 3lb of sugar to 1 gallon
      of H2o ratio it came to approx 22 lb of sugar.
      I’m trying to ferment with out adding package yeast.
      The french family recipe does not call for the package yeast.
      It is sitting in my sugar shack, covered with cheese cloth
      that I taped to the barrel.
      This is my second attempt, my first was with peeches that didn’t go so well.
      I would love to keep the family recipe alive.
      If anyone can help[ that would be much appreciated.
      Thanks very much

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      Fermenting with wild yeast can be a really tricky thing- especially when trying to replicate a family recipe. If you live on the same property and are using the fruit from the same trees it is possible you could get the same strain of yeast. If you are in a different location using different fruit there it is going to be extremely hard to replicate the recipe exactly as you are going to be using a different wild yeast.
      I have not had much luck with wild yeast- and I always use a good healthy dose of known yeast. Using a known yeast will give you consistent results which should no deviate too much from the family recipe. I have noticed that yeast does play an important role in distilling but the yeast flavor comes though much more in beer than distilled spirits. I would suggest using a well known yeast that will ferment everything all the way- and then once you have that dialed in start playing with wild yeast on smaller batches until you can culture a yeast you are happy with.
      I would hate to waste 60ls of good fruit with a bad wild bacteria/yeast.

      this is a great book on yeast:

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