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Seeking a PineApple brandy Recipe


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      I am new to this and have a very large supply of fresh Pineapples and banana’s Ready to be harvested. does anyone have a basic recipe I could try for each of these or maybe both together?

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      This procedure will work with any fruit. This step by step was copied from Lemon Pandemic who makes great brandy.

      Cut the fruit into one inch chunks and puree it in a blender. You may need to add some water to some fruits, but only enough to loosen it up so it can blend.
      Mix one part puree to two parts water, and two pounds of sugar per gallon of mash.
      Add the puree and sugar in a stock pot and get half of the water boiling. Dump it into the fermenter from a couple feet above to aerate it. Stir it real good until all of the sugar’s dissolved. This sanitizes your fruit.
      After about an hour, dump in the other half of the water from a couple feet up. Let it cool down to 80 degrees and pitch your yeast. You can use eight pounds of ice to equal one gallon to cool it down more quickly.

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      Thank you Richard. Looks like sound advise.

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