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      Hi guys, I have a simple one for you. the other day at the in laws there was some talk about making bread and there was mention about storing yeast in the fridge. Do you have to keep yeast cold? I was getting ready to do a run, and I have a package of turbo yeast I was going to use, but it has been out in my shed along with my other stuff- So I bought 2 fresh packages of it- How do I properly store yeast? Thank you! this is gearing up to be a great forum here! Ron in Maine~

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      I keep my bread yeast that comes in jars into the fridge. I keep the bread yeast that comes in packets at room temp (as that is how it is sold) I store all of my brewing yeast in the fridge. I don’t use turbo yeast as I find it leaves behind some off flavors, but I’d prob toss it in the fridge. I’d use the packet that has been in the shed and if you don’t see any activity after 24 hours toss in the new stuff. I bet the shed yeast will work though.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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