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      I started a batch of sugar shine a while ago, it stopped bubbling. I took a brix reading and it was around 13% and I tried to see what the proof was it didnt register. This is my second attempt at shine. first batch came out great. Im not sure if its ready or I should do something else?

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      You need to take a hydrometer reading. It is the only way to tell if the mash is done fermenting.

      Do you have one? If not they are only a few bucks.

      You want to get a brewing hydrometer.

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      what should the hydrometer read when it is done?

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      Usually I ferment down to 1.000 or below– but if it is at 1.010 or below you can be done. If you take a reading 2-3 days in a row and it has not changed you are definitely done.

      What does your say?

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      If i’m reading the hydrometer correctly it looks like it is at 1.046 it is on the beer starting area on the hydrometer. The brix is 13.6% roughly. it has stopped bubbling for about a week now. I also tried to check the proof of it with a beer/wine meter and it didnt even register.

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      So if I am reading this correct-

      The starting Brix was 13 which is around 1.0526 in terms of specific gravity
      the current specific gravity is 1.046

      if those numbers are correct it is saying that the mash did not fermented much.

      does it look like this?

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        yes it looks very close to that. I used bread yeast and started it with sugar and such just like with my honey batch. should I add more yeast to it? or a different type?

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      Did you end up adding more yeast?

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      yeah I added some more yeast and I chopped up some more raisins for it. the brix level is dropping and should be ready in another week or 2 🙂

Viewing 9 reply threads

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