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      I have a batch of the honey ‘shine started. I just sprinkled the yeast into the liquid. I think it has done nothing this past week because it was not “activated” prior to adding it in. My question is……do I start over or can I add some activated yeast to it and let it continue since the original yeast is probably dead. I used the fleischmanns yeast.

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      No need to start over- it is still fine.

      If you can take a hydrometer reading now- and let us know what it is.

      If it is still high then pitch some more yeast- we have good results with this method-

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        Checked the wash. The reading was 1.010

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      what was the original reading?

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        Did not take a reading originally.

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      I would think it is finished if you are at 1.010- that is a pretty decent FG. for honey.

      What was your recipe?

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      Thanks for the input Richard. My patience is lacking. I activated another batch of yeast per the instructions you referred to @ the clawhammer site. Added it already. Did I ruin this? My recipe is the clawhammer site’s Honey ‘shine.

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      It is not ruined it might just be a bit yeasty. I’d let it sit a few more days- see if you drop a few more points-
      other than that just let the yeast settle and use an auto siphon and leave it behind when you transfer it to the still.

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      Good advice …no worries, just distill and enjoy!!

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      Did you run this batch?

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